About the Project: 


Seoul and New York, Perfectly Paired:

Seoul: Pronounced “Soul”

New York: Pronounced “ ❤️  ” 

Seoul Business Agency and Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce have partnered together to launch a very special project called Seoul Made in New York (SMiNY). This is an initiative to build a foundation of mutual support, opportunity, and collaboration between the communities of these two cities.  By introducing, pairing, and promoting locally-owned businesses, we hope to ignite long term partnerships across the globe; partnerships that could lead to fruitful, diverse co-creations and, therefore, contributions to each city’s culture, economy, and spirit.  

6,888 miles and 13 hours of time zones apart, not to mention the cultural separations (language, customs, histories), it would seem that these two cities are completely different. But, when it comes to the heart (and soul) of it, they are perfectly paired. Seoul City and New York City have come together, through their small business agencies, to lift each other up--to promote one another and collaborate on an initiative that, in the end, brings these two cities together. 


Your part: By purchasing a SMiNY Select Product, you know that you are supporting not only small local businesses, but also global partnerships between small local businesses; you are supporting a paradigm shift in how small businesses do business.  You are supporting the abundant unimagined possibilities that spring from multicultural collaboration and growth.  Truly, thinking globally and acting locally.  

SMiNY Select Small Businesses: We carefully selected products that we believe not only pair together beautifully, but companies that represent the best of small businesses in their respective communities. 

SMiNY Objectives: This is just the beginning.  Amazing things happen when you bring creative makers and doers into the same space, with a chance to get to see the best of each other.  With this opportunity for companies and customers to get to know each other and get to know the markets of another city, we hope to spark new ideas, opportunities, and collaborations. 

Events:  This first phase of this initiative will manifest in 3 parts.  We will have an online live shopping event on May 13th, an online store where you can learn all about the participating companies (and where you can purchase products with just a click), and an in-person Pop-Up Shop at Industry City in Brooklyn.  

Pop Up Shop: The in-person Pop up will be open May 13th-May 18th. There, you can learn in-depth about the owners and designers of the participating small business, test (and taste!) the products, and attend events hosted by make-up artists, influencers, and small business owners.  (There may even be a free gift bag in it for you!) 



About Providers:


About Seoul Business Agency and Seoul Made:

SBA is a business support institution for SMEs(Small and Medium-sized Enterprises)

in Seoul, run by Seoul metropolitan government. It was established to promote and develop industries and to provide comprehensive and systematic support to SMEs located in Seoul.

SBA provides a variety of public services such as support for start-ups (including business of foreign residents in Seoul through Seoul Global Center), R&D, intellectual property, development of market outlet for small businesses, overseas export, SETEC(Trade exhibition for SMEs) and so forth. These services aim to help SMEs increase their market competitiveness.

Furthermore, SBA strives to create and activate industrial clusters such as DMC and G Valley, and is actively participating in fostering aspiring future industries such as cultural content industries (web cartoon, animation, game,etc.), and IT and IoT related industries.

SBA dedicates to the advancement of the economy of Seoul through strategic industry development plans and SMEs support. We provide services that are ethical and creative, under our management principle that place customers as our priority.

SEOULMADE is a lifestyle platform brand that uses hip sensiblity alongside products and services in the taste/style/safety/convenience category to provide a diverse and new experience based on Seoul-style curation to global MZ generations who use mobile.

SEOULMADE aims to facilitate change in the industries in Seoul from manufacturing to a knowledge-based economy in order to both protect the industrial values of baby boomers that have led the growth of Seoul and to express the industries of the millennial generation.

Contact SBA / Seoul Made : smade@sba.seoul.kr
Social Media : Facebook | Instagram

About Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and Brooklyn Made:

For over 100 years, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has spoken to the needs of the Brooklyn business community. Founded on February 6, 1918, the Brooklyn Chamber was, even then, a “modern” organization that saw itself as a protector and promoter of the commercial and industrial interests of the city.

The Brooklyn Chamber has developed and nurtured an active civic spirit and sought to safeguard and improve living conditions and social welfare for local businesses and residents. The organization has a vibrant history that encapsulates the diverse, innovative and ever-evolving Brooklyn business community.

As Brooklyn continues to evolve, the Brooklyn Chamber consistently works to offer top-quality services and new opportunities for its members. It advances the borough through outstanding promotion, support and advocacy as Brooklyn’s leading economic development organization.

Brooklyn-Made provides a quantitative, exclusive measurement of product authenticity that signals quality to consumers. It represents a platform for businesses to market and differentiate their products while promoting local business activity and engagement.



About Made In NYC

Made in NYC supports thousands of local manufacturers and makers by giving them marketing and branding resources, valuable skills-building opportunities, and access to a supportive community of peers within the sector. We value the vibrant and essential manufacturing community as a vital part of New York City’s local economy.

Made in NYC is an initiative of the Pratt Center for Community Development, a community-driven planning and development organization that works for a more just and sustainable New York City in partnership with community-based groups, small businesses, and the public sector. Pratt Center is a part of Pratt Institute.