Seoul made Eye-Palette


Color : Orange, Red, Pink

These products have been created based on the 3 most popular spots in Seoul, Hongdae, Buckchon, and Garosu-Gil. The 3 colored product sets represent Seoul each spots’ image very well.

-How to use:
Apply an appropriate amount of the contents and spread on the eyes.

-Compact size that fits in a small pouch, 4 shades of powder that can create eye makeup suitable for each lip lacquer

-Product development story
The charm of Seoul is that each region is different and has different characteristics.
The characteristics of Hongdae, Bukchon, and Garosu-gil, which are popular among MZ generations, are embodied in color.
After selecting a color that suits each region and realizing it with a lip lacquer,
Consists of a blusher and eye palette as a set
Hongdae’s youthful personality is orange, Bukchon’s traditional beauty is pink,
The modern sophistication of Garosu-gil is expressed in dark red.