Raaka Chocolate


Pink Sea Salt (71% Cacao)

A ROCK SOLID CLASSIC: A fruity, complex salted dark chocolate to end all salted dark chocolates. Made with single origin cacao from Zorzal Cacao, a farm and fermentary within a bird sanctuary in the Dominican Republic, and sprinkled with Peruvian pink salt sourced from Salt of The Earth Co. We think New York Magazine said it best: this bar has a “deep, dark, mysterious flavor with hints of cherry; and a finish as long as a David Foster Wallace footnote.”

Ingredient: Cacao Beans, cane sugar, maple sugar, cacao butter--all organic, Peruvian Pink Sea Salt

Bourbon Cask Aged (82% Cacao)

The tuxedoed sophisticate in the family. We age single origin Tanzanian cacao in bourbon casks for two months, creating a deeply nuanced bar with a cocktail-like vibe: oaky and smooth, with a hint of cherry cordial on the finish. Our best selling bar and 2013 Good Food Award Winner.

Ingredient: Cacao Beans, cane sugar, maple sugar, cacao butter--all organic


Coconut Milk (60% Cacao)

This is a vegan dark milk chocolate. It’s proof that we can, sometimes, have it all. It’s a silky, smooth utopian bar that catapults you into peak summer, with lush notes of berries and cream. Made with single origin Ugandan cacao from Semuliki Forest and pure shredded coconut. Once referred to by Edible Brooklyn as "an actual dream."

Ingredient: Cacao Beans, cane sugar, coconut, cacao butter--all organic