SMiNY Project

Lucky Box (Fashion)

$71.99 $86.99

Lucky You, Lucky Us, Lucky Box!

Perfectly Paired Products from Seoul, Korea and Brooklyn, NY

By purchasing a Lucky Box, you are supporting not only a small local business in both Brooklyn and Seoul, but you are also supporting an intercontinental initiative to empower independent entrepreneurs in both cities, including merchants, makers, producers, designers, and creators.  

Plus! You get a discount by purchasing these products together!  It’s always better together.  

 Plus Plus! you get a free gift bag containing goods when buying a Lucky Box

What's in the Fashion Box?

  • Nou Nou Smile Ball Cap
  • Customized tote bag
  • Tumbler (Gift)
  • Gift Bag (Gift)

Blurb: Spring has sprung and we can finally go outside again!  Express yourself with NouNou and an always handy tote bag, supporting small businesses here and across the world with what you wear.

The Ball Cap:

The theme of NouNou is 'face and mask'. Jean-Julian's specialty, humorous expression, was actively displayed to combine the expressions and emotions of various people with fashion items.

Find out more about product details here : Ball Cap


The Tote Bag:

Durable Deluxe Model with interior lining to protect the outer bag, adjustable and removable long strap for comfort and customization, and zipper closer to protect the contents!

The Gift: A Vintage Style Thermos! Very durable,  scratch-proof, can withstand up to 250 degrees F temperature. Double sealed silicone lid to prevent spills and maintain heat/cold for up to 12 hours. Holds 12 fl oz (350 ml).