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Lucky Box (Beauty)

$62.99 $71.99

Lucky You, Lucky Us, Lucky Box!

Perfectly Paired Products from Seoul, Korea and Brooklyn, NY

By purchasing a Lucky Box, you are supporting not only a small local business in both Brooklyn and Seoul, but you are also supporting an intercontinental initiative to empower independent entrepreneurs in both cities, including merchants, makers, producers, designers, and creators.  

Plus! You get a discount by purchasing these products together!  It’s always better together.  

Plus Plus! you get a free gift bag containing goods, when buying a Lucky Box

What's in the Beauty Box?

  • Cosmax Set(Shadow, Lip, Blusher)
  • SW Basics Cleanser
  • Brush set (Gift)
  • Gift Bag (Gift)

Blurb: Makeup and brush set from Seoul, cleanser from New York City. 

Colors of Korea for a new look, cleanser to come back home. 


The makeup: 

The charm of Seoul is that each region is different and has different characteristics.

The characteristics of Hongdae, Bukchon, and Garosu-gil, embodied in color.

Hongdae’s youthful personality is orange, Bukchon’s traditional beauty is pink,

The modern sophistication of Garosu-gil is expressed in dark red.

Find out more about product details here : Blusher | Lip | Shadow


The Cleanser:

A natural face wash made with organic rosewater and organic Tea Tree oil. This rosewater cleanser not only smells great but is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The tea tree oil also has cleansing and healing properties for problematic or acne-prone skin. Soap-free, alcohol-free, Sulfate-Free Organic cleanser with Tea Tree oil is a great daily natural cleanser that does not over dry sensitive skin. 

Product Description -  A non-foaming cleansing water designed for everyday use and all skin moods. With a thin but slightly sticky texture, the Cleanser is best applied with cotton and then rinsed off, leaving behind a lovely rose scent with a medicinal hint of tea tree oil. Our sulfate-free, vegan, and cruelty-free Cleanser is made with just 3 all-natural ingredients: pure rosewater, vegetable glycerin, and tea tree oil. How to Use: Apply with cotton, rinse off.

Item Weight: 4 oz
Ingredient : Rosewater, Vegetable Glycerin, and Tea Tree Oil