Day & Night of Seoul Tea Set


Seoul’s Day Melody & Seoul’s Moon Grey Tea Set

(Seoul’s Day Melody 3g x 4ea / Seoul’s Moon Grey 2g x 4ea)

Product information

1. Seoul’s Day Melody
‘A day in Seoul with dazzling melody and sunlight’

An easy-to-drink caffeine-free blend with hibiscus and chamomile that adds freshness and moisture to your day.
[250ml / 95℃ / 3min. / Caffeine free]

Ingredients: Leached tea [German/apple, hibiscus, papaya flakes (papaya, sugar), mango cube (mango, sugar), sunflower, synthetic fragrance (peach scent, vanilla scent, cream scent)], honeybush (South African Republic) ), chamomile (Croatian), hibiscus, rosehip

Contents per tea bag: 3g (3g×1)


2. Seoul's Moon Gray
‘Mr. Grey under the night sky of Seoul’

Korean reinterpretation of ‘Earl Grey’ with unbroken whole leaves of Jeju green tea and a hint of fresh tangerine.
[250ml / 75℃ / 2min 30sec / Medium caffeine]

Ingredients: green tea (Korea), dried oranges (foreign products/USA, Australia, South Africa, etc.), mixed formulation [synthetic fragrance (citrus flavor base), propylene glycol, grain alcohol]

Contents per tea bag: 2g(2g×1)