Gillim Yanghaeng

Flavored Almond


Flavor Cheongyang Pepper Mayonnaise

Brand Gilim

Package Weight 0.42 Kilograms

Ingredients Almond/American, sugar, starch syrup, Cheongyang Mayo Flavor Seasoning-GL [Processed salt/American, brewed soy sauce powder (brewed soy sauce (wheat/American, skim soybean/Indian)), Cheongyang pepper seasoning /Korea), White HVP (mayonnaise powder/Korea)], honey/Korean, vegetable oil 1, vegetable oil 2, red pepper powder (cheongyang pepper/Korean), emulsifier, herb extract

Storage method Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight, and consume as soon as possible after opening.

About this item Flavored almonds combined with a little spicy pepper sauce & mayonnaise. By focusing on the “dynamics” representing Seoul, It has been developed the taste of Cheongyang Mayo. You can get 2 pack 210g each(As of 2019) Sourced from Korea