Car Diffuser


Size: 9.5 x 9.5 x 6.5 (width x length x height)(cm)

Total weight: 175g

Color: Black

Material, ingredient: Main product-Metal / Refill capsule-Air Rite, fragrance

How to use

1. It is easily opened by slightly twisting the product pendant, which is fixed with a magnet.

2. Remove the film and take out the enclosed refill capsule.

3. Put the refill capsule into the car air freshener and close the pendant.

4. After plugging the product into the ventilator, turn on the heater or air conditioner, and the fragrance will start gently.

Brand Introduction

Ocent values ​​and focuses on giving meaning to our daily lives through'scent'. The atmosphere that you feel when entering the space is created through the fragrance, and the space in which we stay is what we are. The scent of Ocent is added to the precious space where you can spend a complete rest, memories with someone, and personal time to make you feel more positive inspiration. Product description and selling points of car air fresheners It is a car air freshener that enhances the visual perfection with a comfortable scent and sensuous design so that long time staying in the car is not boring.

* 24K new copper plated material has a collectible value. -Semi-permanent use

*Only refills are replaced and can be used continuously. -Various scents

*Try using a variety of moody scents according to your mood. -Pendant change

*Only pendants can be purchased separately and replaced. -Easy to use

*Put in refill capsules, and you're done! It can be easily used by all ages. -Subtle scent

*It is a driver-oriented and gentle scent, so anyone can use it freely.